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Outdoor Classroom

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Project to provide the school with an outdoor classroom as part of the grounds project

Use & Purpose

* Outdoor learning space for both KS1 & KS2.

* Provide shelter for KS2 classes during breaks / a place for unstructured play and creativity.

* FOCCS use – band stand / grotto / other events.

* Provide the school with a new and different engaging place to learn.

* Benefits of outdoor learning well known – studies have shown concentration increases as well as motivation.

* An additional permanent structure to help classes ‘breathe’.


The preferred location is at the eastern edge of the school site.

It sits adjacent to the KS2 playground, south of the Sladesbrook entrance on a triangular patch of grass surrounded by mature trees.

Currently, there are two tree stumps on the site. The smaller stump would need to be removed to make room for the structure. The larger stump could be retained and even sculpted.

The ground is significantly higher than the road level, visibility from the road and neighbouring houses should be minimal. It is however anticipated that we will need planning permission for the structure.

At the FOCCS meeting on 26/01/21 attendees including the committee, Helen Rutt and Janine Smith of Christ Church School extensively reviewed three quotes. Design, cost and service were all considered from three large playground specialist providers.

A 6m diameter structure from Pentagon Play was chosen as the most suitable. This being the largest of those considered, mid range in price and with the best warranties post build. Pentagon Play also have a positive local track record having worked with Holt school and is engaged with Staverton Primary. The outdoor classroom will include a whiteboard, moveable desks and access ramp with a warranty of 15 years. The structure can seat 50 children.

The overall cost which includes drawings for the planning application, planning fees, design, delivery, on site build and installation is £15,433,

FOCCS has set aside £16,000 for this project as stump removal costs and planning fees are currently estimates.

October 2021 update: We are pleased to let you know that Wiltshire Council have approved our Planning Application (reference: PL/2021/06241) for an outdoor class room!

A five day build has been confirmed for 28th March 2022 with our contractor, Pentagon Play and the school. This is the penultimate week before the Easter holidays and a small part of the KS2 play ground will be fenced off to allow for a safe build.

Thereafter, this will be a space teachers can use for lessons across both KS1 & KS2. It is located within the KS2 play ground so during break times, it'll be their stage, shelter and space to use.

We are so pleased to bring you this update and want to thank everyone for their support in FOCCS fundraising!!


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